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CBD Balm for Pain Relief

Are you feeling pain? We can help! We would like to introduce you to one of our favorite products CBD Balm Pain Away. If you answered yest to the first question in this paragraph, you are not alone. The CDC reported in 2016 that 20.4% of the American population are suffering from chronic pain, that is over 66 million people and 8% of those suffering have high impact chronic pain. Writing this article from my computer chair I can personally account to suffering from daily chronic pain for the last 7 years after a surfing accident in Hawaii. So why are we telling you this? Because we have been able to provide our customers real relief with our CBD pain away balm. We offer our CBD balm created specifically for pain. All of the ingredients in our CBD balm, knock out pain in a big way. Our balm combines CBD, Arnica, Cayenne pepper, Rosemary leaf, Helichrysum, Corydalis, St Johns Wart, and Jamaican dog wood.

CBD Balm for Real Pain Relief

CBD BALM for Pain

We combined all of these anti-inflammatory and pain relieving products into the ultimate pain relief CBD balm. Check out all of the amazing properties of each of our ingredients on our CBD Pain Away Balm product page! CBD has shown to reduce pain in animal studies according to the website Harvard Health, siting research published in the European Journal of Pain. Although still much more research needs to be done with CBD and human participants, there is overwhelming anecdotal accounts of CBD knocking out pain in a big way. I personally have found a major reduction in chronic neck pain using topical CBD daily to combat the effects of the surfing accident I mentioned above. There is something truly remarkable to finding relief after suffering daily from chronic pain. We trust our products and we want everyone looking at our products to feel that same level of trust. So why should you choose our CBD balm for pain relief?

Our CBD balm offers 1000mg of CBD. This is a much higher dose than many of our competitors. Having a higher quantity of CBD per oz. ensures that the pain you are feeling gets knocked out faster and for longer. In addition to the higher dosage you can trust the safety and purity of our products. We offer 3rd party lab testing, click here to view the results, and we also farm all of our CBD right here on our family farm in Payson, Utah! Our product is unique all ready with the high content of CBD, and hand picked hemp from our family farm, but we also combine CBD with powerful anti-inflammatory products to create a symbiotic CBD balm for pain relief like no other on the market. So if you are looking for an all natural alternative for pain relief look no further, you have found your path to real pain relief.

Read a real life  account of CBD being used for pain, written by our web developer.

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