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Berry Blossom Hemp CBD Flower

Hemp Flower Berry Blossom

This batch of Berry Blossom will not be available for too much longer. We were not able to grow as much as we would have liked to because it is a newer strain to us and it was the first year working with the new genetic make up of these hemp flowers. This strain of CBD is a cross between Cherry Kandahar,  S1 and Chardonnay. This strain has very large fan leaves, and long branches, it grows very fast and was delightful to have in a corner of our farm. The aroma is sweet and has a sticky sweet, berry essence. Best described as a bag of skittles. Hurry and pick up some of these sweet, berry hemp flowers before we run out!
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Mountain Mango Hemp CBD Flower

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Hemp Flower Mountain Mango

This sweet and juicy CBD is just what you have been looking for. Lush Utah mountains, streams, lakes, and paired with sticky orange mango! This blend of CBD flower is truly a delight. We tested this strain at 13.207% total cannabinoids. With terpene profiles a-Bisabolol, a-Humulene and B-Caryophyllene this blend is packed with flavor and feeling. The CBD rich trichomes along with pinkish, orange hairs makes this powerful antioxidant CBD hemp flower a mountain mango treasure to seek.

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T1 Hemp Flower CBD

This strain of hemp flower comes from a cross of Afghan Skunk and The Wife. It packs a powerful punch of 17.2 total cannabinoids. It grows very easily and is hearty enough to withstand a drought. It is the perfect Utah hemp flower plant as it can hold up to Utah’s harsh weather conditions. The flavor of T1 is very earthy with a hint of skunk.

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hemp flower in a field

Suver Haze Hemp Flower

Originally cultivated in Oregon, Ung Family Farms has taken this strain of Neville Haze and Krishna’s Special Sauce and made it thrive on our Payson, Utah hemp flower farm. This strain has a sweet and sour smell and taste as its genetic lineage comes originally from the strain Sour Diesel. As you can see from these new amazing products, our master grower Trevor Ung has perfected the growing process of hemp flower in Utah.

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