Easy and convenient celery juice powder packets give you the same health benefits of juicing celery without the mess of cleaning your juicer every morning. Single serving stick packs are perfect on-the-go nutrition that make a busy morning much easier!

  • Whole Celery Powder
  • Celery Leaf Powder
  • Barley Grass Powder (aerial parts)
  • Spinach Powder (leaf)
  • Matcha Powder (leaf)
  • Spirulina Powder (whole plant)
  • Cherolla Powder (whole organism)
  • 25mg Nano CBD – what is Nano CBD? – Water-soluble cannabidiol comes to be through the process known as nanoemulsion, aka nano-emulsification. This process allows the CBD to be absorbed more efficiently into the body.

Flavored with natural Green Apple Flavor, Stevia, Reb A and Monk Fruit.

Non-psychoactive, contains non-detectable levels of THC (<0.001%).

A delicious healthy green drink! Perfect way to get your daily dose of super greens and CBD!