CBD for Pain

Thank God for In Motion’s CBD Pain Relief Cream and Oil

    My head and neck felt as though it was not sitting correctly atop my shoulders. Would I be facing another sleepless night, rolling around in severe pain, numb hands, and panicked feelings of facing the next day with 1-3 hours of rough sleep? I could take ibuprofen and have some relief and possibly get a little more sleep, although this would be the fifth night in a row that I had taken it. Thank god for CBD and more specifically In Motion’s CBD pain relief cream.

CBD BALM for Pain

Pain Away Body Balm 1,000mg CBD

I woke up feeling rested for the first time in a couple of months. Sleep and stress were at an all time high. That feeling of a well rested brain makes you realize just how many days and nights you had been in a constant loop of pain. This new feeling of rest and well being felt so good it was almost foreign. It has not always been this way. Unfortunately a lifetime of extreme sports and one particular surfing accident has created a perfect storm for an incredibly painful neck injury. 

My wife begged me to be careful and to really ask, was it worth it to go surfing that afternoon? There was a pretty large storm front over Hawaii and it was creating incredible surf. The only problem with saying no to surfing, I have an extremely hard time not doing exactly what I want to do. So when I finished my shift I assured her I would be careful and that the surf had been flat for weeks in Waikiki and I rarely get a chance to surf larger waves. We had lived in Honolulu, Hawaii for about 4 months at that point and I was becoming addicted to surfing. I was working doing maintenance for a larger property management company.  While the work was rigorous I always had surfing to look forward to at the end of the day. I was consistently surfing after each shift at work everyday. I could see the waves that were building from the storm, from the rooms I was working in, all day long. The waves were absolutely firing. I knew that it would be more dangerous. However I had become quite strong and was getting in fantastic shape working all day doing construction like work, and then surfing or bodyboarding for 2-3 hours in the evening. I felt prepared for this storm and the larger waves it was producing. 



I paddled out on my boogie board and immediately I could feel that the water and the ocean currents were very different than a typical day surfing in Waikiki. The push and pull of currents could be felt all around. The ocean was dark, angry and quite ominous.The waves were breaking much further out from the beach than they usually were. The waves were quite inconsistent and much larger than I was used to. All the signs and signals were telling me to head back to shore and come back on a better day. However the excitement and fury of the ocean made me feel alive and I decided to push through the fear.  I made it out past some of the smaller surf and waited for a wave. I caught a wave and was riding down the face and turning right. I suddenly saw from above a surfer coming over the wave and right on top of me. I felt stinging pain down my arm and neck. The pointy part of the surfboard hit me directly in my right upper neck. It hurt so incredibly bad. I was instantly in incredible pain but then thrown into the white wash of the wave. It seemed like I was held down for a long period of time and was completely out of breath by the time I resurfaced. I was pushed in much closer to shore after the chaos that had ensued. I managed to climb on top of my body  board and assessed my injury. I could not tell what damage had been done immediately. To be honest I was scared to move. It was one of those injuries that hurt so bad that you are fearful of what will happen if I moved. I laid on my board for a long time and got thrown around and jostled by the waves for probably over 20 minutes. I hobbled up the beach after that. I could feel hot nerve pain down my arm walking up the beach and back to my car. That night I took Ibuprofen and I do not think I slept more than an hour. Ever since that day, I have had chronic headaches, neck pain, and my hand goes numb while sleeping at night. I have had MRI’s, X-rays, doctors appointments, physical therapy appointments, and many massages, chiropractor adjustments but still to this very moment suffer from chronic pain in my neck. 

I had my partner apply the cream to my neck and rub it in deep into the tissue of my neck muscles and upper back. I also took a dose of the 600 mg cbd oil for pain. I used a hand held massager on my neck muscles and then laid down to try and relax and get to sleep. I slipped into some of the most restful sleep I’ve had in months. I also surprisingly had not moved from the position I had fallen asleep in. This is not normal for me. My surfing accident has left me with such chronic pain that I rarely sleep well and always am fighting to reduce the pain in my neck. The CBD from In Motion was the only thing I had taken. The CBD for pain cream not only reduced my pain significantly while laying down to rest but helped me get a good night rest. I have been applying the pain cream daily ever since that night. It has helped immensely in my arsenal of tools to try and combat the chronic pain I experience. 

Sam is an avid outdoorsman and still loves surfing, or bodyboarding any chance he gets. He has been working with Trevor and Samantha on their website for the last few months. He wanted to share his direct experience with their amazing CBD products when it comes to pain relief. Check out more of his work and articles on sisuseo.com

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